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Porsche for Her

Douglas L. Wilson, MBA  |  Marketing

The Macan is Porsche’s newest product. Is the smaller SUV going to taint the brand or replicate the success of the Cayenne for the legacy automaker?

A Smart Address Book Built on Connections

Michael S. Raisinghani, Ph.D.  |  Operations Management

Still in beta, address-book app Humin has enjoyed shortcuts to mass adoption through its founder’s contacts. Humin is a free app that turns your phone’s alphabetical contact list into a more intuitive searchable database.


Michael S. Raisinghani, Ph.D.  |  Operations Management

Toyota and Tesla had high hopes for their jointly developed electric RAV4. But they’ve sold fewer than 2,000 of the SUVs. Toyota, whose homegrown electric RAV4 was discontinued in 2003, is distancing itself from Tesla’s focus on all-electric vehicles and embracing fuel cells, a technology Tesla founder Elon Musk ridicules.

Property Prices Are Up, Even Underground

Ralph W Flanary, MBA, CFE  |  Business Fundamentals

At the end of the day, a burial plot is like any other piece of real estate. Price is determined by supply and demand, and prices are headed north.

Taking AIG From "Sucks" to "Rocks"

Larry Tunnell, Ph.D., CPA  |  Accounting & Taxation

What are AIG’s plans after the bailout, and why are they emphasizing profits over market share?

General Electric Wants To Act Like a Startup

James Richardson, Ph.D.  |  Business Strategy

GE’s new FastWorks program could enable it to do business faster, cheaper, and better and make lean startup the next big management innovation.

Taking AIG From "Sucks" to "Rocks"

Delvin D. Hawley, Ph.D.  |  Finance

Can AIG's new CEO overcome the problems in the insurance giant and get it to focus on a strategy that favors profitability over growth?

Free Trade Man

J. Vincent Eagan, JD, Ph.D.  |  Business Law

American special effects professionals are losing work to tax-subsidized firms in foreign countries.

Silicon Valley State of Mind

Katherine Campbell, Ph.D.  |  Ethics & Responsibility

Is Silicon Valley arrogance good, evil, or a bit of both?

As Canadian as Huawei?

Duane Helleloid, Ph.D.  |  International Business

Huawei is finding growth opportunities in Canada that it wasn't finding in the United States.

Video Games Can't Afford to Ignore Women

Angelina I. T. Kiser, Ph.D.  |  Information Technology

Will women become a priority for PC gaming companies?

Argentines Gird For a Financial Storm

Brian Kench, Ph.D.  |  Economics

Companies dust off coping strategies from 2001.

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